19 ish LIFE HACKS (travel-kitchen-closet)

Today I’m sharing 19 ish Life Hacks with you.  These are life hacks for the kitchen, life hacks for travel, life hacks in the closet, and life hacks for cleaning.  These 19 tips and tricks are from friends, other social media friends

light fabric life hack for purse
Choose a light fabric inside your handbag.

and hacks I have figured out on my own to help you my viewerslight fabric inside life hackdark fabric cannot see things in purse

The number one life hack is to make sure your purse has a light colored inner fabric to help you see what’s in the Deep black hole of your purse.  This hack is just a helpful tip that I got from my friend Shawn. 

life hack for kitchen shred chicken with mixer
Life hack for kitchen

Another life hack is for the kitchen from my friends Desneige and Carrie.  When you have to cook shredded chicken for tacos or for a crowd, boil your chicken.  Then toss 2-3 chicken breasts in your kitchen mixer to shred it.  Shredding your chicken with a mixer will shred it perfectly.

This life hack is to help you get through airport security with peace of mind and more quickly.  Take a screenshot of the email pass from your airline so you will not have to scroll through emails while in the security line.  This pass is what will get you through security.  TSA can easily scan it from your photo.  You won’t be worried about finding wi-fi in order to open your emails.  No need to look up the email when you get to the airport; just show your picture on your phone.  It is also one less thing to keep up with-no paper ticket thing.

hotel travel hack
Use pants coat hanger from the hotel closet to keep those curtains closed and the morning light OUT.

We are an airline family so do not miss my travel videos.  In my Travel Hack video, a subscriber commented with this life hack.  Use pants hanger from your hotel closet to keep hotel curtains closed and keep the morning light out!

This next life hack is for your closet.  Put a rubber band on the edges of your hanger to keep your wide-necked blouse on the hanger.  I got this idea from Benriwaza on YouTube.

For makeup hacks, store your beauty blender in a plastic easter egg!  Since Beauty Blenders are damp after using them, an easter egg allows air flow if it has holes in the bottom and top.  Brilliant!  I cannot remember who I got that idea from; it was like a year ago.

beauty blender makeup life hack
Store your damp beauty blender in the holed plastic Easter egg. Brilliant

Lazy Budget Chef suggests using a cotton ball to remove permanent marker from clothing by rubbing the alcohol-soaked cotton ball onto the piece of clothing stain.  She also says you can remove sticker label excess from jars or for me, this foundation container that they sealed it with so you couldn’t open it.  Works like a charm!  My foundation from an Over 40 video was sealed with this tape.  It took forever to take off the tape, but the residue left is still sticky.  Her hack took it off.  The video proves each of these life hacks.

My creative husband has a life hack for your home office.  Use a plastic gum container to hold multiple usb sticks.  This plastic is sturdy.


Keep copy of insurance card (health) inside glove box.  This life hack is for other people God forbid you’re in an accident.  I’m talking about your health insurance card in addition to your car insurance card.  Having that health insurance card will lead authorities to your doctor and then to your emergency contact person.

life hack
This is not your proof of insurance. It is a way to get in contact with your family via the doctors.

This next life hack is for when you are traveling abroad.  Stuff cash in-between the padding of your sports bra when you travel-in the suitcase but also while you’re wearing one in a foreign city.


This next life hack is for the kitchen.  Use an apple slicer to cut potato wedges or to make steak fries.  I suggest cutting the bottom rounded end so that the potato stands flat and so that the blade goes all the way through.

When we moved to Houston three years ago we were so excited to have fresh guacamole.  Avocados are cheap here, and there is a life hack for finding a beautiful green one…a perfect avocado like Barefoot Contessa would use.  When you are in the grocery store, pop off the stem thing on the end.  If it’s light green or has just a few spots of brown, you have found a fantastic one.  Green avocado everytime.

life hack for kitchen
Green avocado every time!

This next life hack is for the closet.  If you have a long shirt tail that you don’t want to tuck in, use Cheryl’s idea from Northwest Mountain Living.  Loop it through a belt loop.  Either belt loop will work.  Isn’t that cute?

Another subscriber gave me this life hack and that is to use the free newspaper bag that gets thrown on your driveway for travel.  Pack shoes in that free bag.


You have heard of the lemon wedge down the disposal life hack.  If you do not have a lemon, you can toss 10-15 coffee beans down your disposal to absorb funky smells.  Flight attendants will sometimes clip a coffee filter bean pouch to the inside of the lavatory on board airplanes.  Coffee beans are great at absorbing smells.

cotton ball hack
One drop of rosemary oil on this cotton ball will help give a fresh scent; like it’s been cleaned.

My friend Tammy sells essential oils (Oily Goals on Facebook), and she suggested putting one drop on a cotton ball and storing it in the bottom of your kitchen trash can.  This life hack gives your kitchen a fresh smell.  It does not smell like your kitchen has rosemary blooming, but it just smells fresh and clean.

We love FatHead Pizza and slathering a tube of basil on the crust.  It tastes like pesto but all the work has been done for you.  Just cut the tube and you have a good two tablespoons left of basil.  This tube is in the produce section, near the herbs, of your store.

We also use this life hack with our stand up lotion bottle.  I use strong kitchen scissors to cut the bottle, giving me three weeks of lotion.  It is a financial life hack.

Take it from my mistakes when you use this next life hack.  Do not wash your tassels when washing your cute tops.  Hold them out of the sink.  If you absolutely need to wash them, run water over them while forming the same tassel shape.  It will help prevent unruly tassel threads.  I had to cut mine on this shirt because they were so damaged.

Another hack came from Brenda Kinsel and Northwest Mountain Living (Cheryl).  Pull your long shirttail through a belt loop for a feminine life hack.


This last life hack comes from Frugal Miss Julie.  She repurposed a mug holder for her bracelets.  Such a clever DIY idea for a jewelry holder and a way to store bracelets.

Thank you so much for visiting my LauriePOP Channel.  I hope these life hacks give you tips and tricks to help you in travel, in the kitchen, and in daily life.

Occasionally I use affiliate links, but all opinions are my own honest ones.


17 Things to NOT Forget When You Visit Colorado (In the Summer)

When you visit Colorado or any of the surrounding areas in The Colorado Rockies, do not forget these 17 things.  We had a family reunion early summer in Silverthorne, near Breckenridge, Colorado.  I had visited Colorado during the winter, but I forgot several packing items this summer.  So here are 17 things to NOT forget when visiting Colorado this summer.

sandal for visit Colorado in summer
My sandals are old, but these Merrell shoes can get wet and are supportive, perfect for walking around Breckenridge.

Booties or hiking shoes – You will be walking to restaurants or walking down one of the thousands of trails around town so be prepared for mud or dirt.  For hiking near Breckenridge, in Frisco, Colorado, I recommend hiking shoes, a shoe with grip because the trail will be muddy or dry.  If it’s dry, you slip around and do not take as sure of a step with just sneakers or tennis shoes.  I also think Teva sandals or Merrel sandals like the ones I wore would be a good Colorado travel shoe because they have a grip and are such high quality sandals!  I have had mine for 3 years.

I wore my Merrel sandals to kayak in and stand up paddle board around Frisco, Colorado.  These shoes can get wet, dirty and give me support. And I’m very picky about support.  These Merrell sandals have a rubber sole with a leather upper section.  Merrell sandals have an air cushion in the heel that absorbs shock.

skort do not forget kayak summer colorado
Do not forget a skort for kayaking during the summer in Colorado

I LOVE this skort with built in shorts that is long enough and wicks away wetness from rowing your kayak and getting splashed by the person in the back.  And they have pockets.  When you’re in The Rockies you will do some type of outdoor adventure so having activewear is a must.

kayak near Breckenridge colorado
Frisco Marina (Breckenridge exit) kayaks

Fleece – Weather in The Rockies will be warm or hot during the day and cool at night or in the shade so take a fleece or light jacket when you visit.

do-not-forget-thick-lotion-in-coloradoI recommend taking lotion to Colorado for everyday wear (I used a travel tube of Aveeno) and lotion for deep moisture (Gold Bond Diabetics-no idea why they call it Diabetics).  I use these disc containers for my 7 pumps of Gold Bond Diabetic Lotion in my liquids bag because it seeps into your dry skin so well.  Since this lotion is very thick, I knew it would not leak or get watery.  But I used Aveeno for a quick application in the morning and took it in its own travel tube.  And you can get the thick Gold Bond Diabetic Lotion in your grocer’s lotion aisle.  

do not forget hat when visit Colorado
Do not forget a hat when you visit this beautiful area in Colorado.

Sunscreen – the sun in The Rockies is intense.  We hiked in Frisco and were at The Continental Divide near Silverthorne and used it!  The Denver Post says that at high altitudes, those who participate in the outdoor activities get higher doses of ultraviolet rays. If you are going to a Colorado location with mosquitos, I can vouch for Sunsect-made for the military when they would be in sunny areas but need insect repellent as well.  I took this to Costa Rica and highly recommend it.

Pjs that can be cool in the evening but warm when you first get up.  The heat from the day warms your bedroom, and many houses do not have air conditioners because of the pleasant temps.  So we were HOT going to bed but cold by the time we woke up.  Leggings to throw on when you get out of bed will help keep you warm.

Sunglasses – ultraviolet rays above?  Keep those out of your eyes.  Now that I’m 46, my eye doctor insisted on polarized sunglasses for eye cataract protection especially in higher altitudes.

Eye drops – Because the air is so dry in the surrounding areas of Breckenridge I use Systane Preservative Free eye drops.  They come in individual vials, and one vial will last 2-3 days.

Hat – to protect you or your man’s head

waterproof cell phone holder case
Cell Phone Waterproof Case for kayaking in Colorado

Wiffle ball or soccer or football to play with because of all the parks in Breckenridge, Silverthorne and Frisco, Colorado.

Brush – I forgot my brush.

Swim suit – your rental house will probably have a hot tub.  You will want to get in after a warm day and in the 50 degree nights.

Shoes that can get muddy and u won’t be upset.  It will maybe rain in the afternoon, and some parts, as the snow is melting, will be muddy.  Just beware.

Puzzle – it’s a cool activity you can have out in the main living area…while the fire is going maybe?

Water bottle for hike or just dry mouth while touring around town~

My brother let me use this water bottle holder for hiking and for kayaking in Frisco.  The condensation doesn’t come off, and the holder keeps it insulated while keeping your fingers free.  There is also a thin-line fanny pack type bottle holder that my niece used.  This one is even more hands free for hiking.

Waterproof cell phone holder – because if you do a water sport, there is an emergency phone number to call the marina’s office.  Well we did not take our cell phones because we were kayaking.  If I had taken my waterproof phone holder, I would’ve felt a lot more at ease.

waterproof disposable camera
For water adventures in Colorado, do not forget a waterproof under water disposable camera.

I don’t know if you would want to bring this to Colorado, but when we got in the kayaks, watching our son stand up paddle board, I wish I would have brought a water-proof under water camera – those disposable kinds that you wind up. 

Baggies to keep leftovers when you rent a house and to store snacks for hiking.  We used an empty Doritos bag the first night for leftover chicken.

Thanks for watching, and let me know if there is one more item we should not forget the next time we visit Breckenridge.  Sharing is caring!  Let’s be friends on Instagram.  not-forget-when-visit-colorado-in-summer

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Summer Outfits for Women Over 40

Now that summer is in full swing, I want to share some outfit inspiration for your wardrobe.  I will share my summer outfit pieces I have purchased from Ann Taylor Loft, Nordstrom Rack, Target and more.  

Being over 40 what my body needs in a pair of shorts or in a t-shirt and other tops has changed.  What I shop for as a 46 year old has morphed into a renewed style.  I am still the same 20 and 30 something girl, wanting to express my creativity while paying attention to fit and length now that I’m near 50. 

summer jeans for women over 40 with frayed hem
Great frayed hem jean for women over 40

On trend this summer is the frayed hem; I do not feel comfortable with long fringe or distressing on my jeans, but I have found a pair from Ann Taylor Loft that I love!  I almost bought the light pink frayed hem capris, but i got the light gray ones with a hint of green.  They are comfortable and fitted.  This Loft Skinny Crop Denim is flattering for women over 40.  The frayed ends are delicate and age appropriate.  These Skinny Cropped capris have a higher mid-rise – they’re not high rise, but they are a nice secure mid-rise fit.   If you have large thighs, I recommend Loft’s Curvy Crop – I’ll show you those in a minute.

frayed hem over 40 women
The video shows them much better. Not too much frayed hem, right?

I paired these capris with this Target floral pocket tee with gray cotton at the top.  Get Your Pretty On first debuted this cute top on her blog, and it sold out immediately. Our local Target got these in a few weeks later.  So check yours.  This top skims my stomach and blouses out enough without adding extra bulky look to my over 40 outfit. 

Also paired it with gray Walmart cargo pants and Coach super padded loafer from Amazon.  I also wore my curvy crop denim capris too.  Aah, I love this light colored denim from Loft!  It is a true mid-rise and is roomy without being loose.  I sized down, and they fit great!  In my Spring clothing haul I’ll show you why I love these curvy crops from Loft because when I exercise, the waist doesn’t budge.  Very comfortable for me.  But those Walmart cargo pants, super stretchy.  But wear a belt.

ivanka-trump-sleeveless-top-blossom-loft-jeans-straw-bag 2
Such soft, stretchy but does not budge denim capris

This palm frond sleeveless top from Target is beautiful and a classic.  For this outfit I paired it with my coral Loft kick Crop from last year.  Loft capris have a classic style to me.  The fabric is a little stiff, and it would be a perfect work top.  Love the colors of pink and this pattern.  Look at this functional and smart detail under the arm holes!  Love this attention to detail.  You know I always do an under arm check before keeping tops. I took it back because I felt it was too stiff for me near the neck.  I wanted the collar-ish area to fold down more loosely.DSC_0101

This new linen brand from Loft is just an easy, flattering hang of a top for women over 40. This tee is a linen blend so it’s soft and happy and looks like fireworks, but they’re dainty flowers.

Paired this top with navy Nordstrom Rack shorts.  Y’all I bought these shorts in 4 different colors!  The length of these Nordstrom Rack shorts are long without being bermuda length for over 40 and tall.  I wore my turquoise ones to Costa Rica.

White shorts  I paired my white Nordstrom Rack shorts with a cobalt blue v-neck tassel tee by Ralph Lauren in Dillards.  Finding white pants or white shorts for women over 40 has been tricky, but I love these for summer.

Dillard’s has so many feminine, nice tees and tops for women over 40.  This Ivanka Trump Blossom flutter sleeve top is my favorite.  The top does not cling, and the arm holes are secure.  Do you see the detail stitching on my shoulders?  This pattern is found on Amazon too.  This black colored one that is exactly the same.  I made a foundations for over 40 makeup video wearing this top.

Hunted forever for this one. No snagging, great storage and on Amazon haha.

Here’s a straw bag for this summer.  Do you have this straw beach looking bag yet?  I bought this one off of Amazon; they have a darker one in the same look.  This straw purse holds three bags as well as my cell phone.  And it has a pocket; it does not zip.  But the straw bag does zip!  I love this bag’s storage.  The straps can poke into the bag if you want to use it as a hand strap bag.  Plus, it does not snag on ANYTHING.

straw bag women beach
3 bags and my phone stored in here

I bought this kimono spur of the minute from Kohls.  It’s a deep purple with a hint of navy from the Junior Department, but the size small was big enough for me.  I wanted to wear it as a travel outfit, but after my What Not to Wear on an Airplane video I remembered that I’d be tugging at the sleeves if I wore it.  I’m wearing this Kimono with all navy.  These Capri jeans have a tummy control in them and are a bit frayed.  I’d say they’re a little higher than mid-rise.  I would also wear it with my high waisted leggings and black tunic from Amazon.  I can wear it back for a more laid back look or all the way up.  I like that it is boxy and tie dyed.

kimono women over 40 summer outfit
Kimono outfit – all navy. LOVE!

I did take my skort  on a vacation.  This women’s active wear by Tek Gear at Kohls is long enough for a skort.  These have hidden shorts and pockets.  The easy wicking fabric helped when I kayaked in The Rockies.  They are not see through.  I’m showing you a turquoise just so you can see the details.  I bought navy.skort-women-active-wear

These very comfortable shoes from Kohls look great with dark denim capris.  They run true to size, and have support for my picky feet.  Wearing navy shoes is tricky because they can not match or look weird.  I absolutely love these!

shoes summer comfortable over 40
I have already worn these for airline travel. Very comfortable shoes!

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Full Review of the Shake It Up Happy Planner

I’m sharing my full review of the newly released Shake It Up Happy Planner. After weeks of searching, I will show you why I chose this one. Me & My Big Ideas has added whimsical attention to detail, and there are some aspects I do not like. My first impressions are amazing! Mambi Planners have always been my favorite, and this year’s tops them all. Create 365 has released several Happy Planners with twelve month and 18 month calendars, and there are two reasons why I chose the 12 month calendar. Monthly tabs, the month view, and the weekly layouts have colors that blend beautifully. POP in to see what’s inside from front to back so you can make your own educated decision. Let me know in the comments if you have to see and feel a Happy Planner before purchasing your own from Me & My Big Ideas. Do any of you know why they have so many names???!

My Own Gems:

Shake It Up Planner

Aqua Hard Cover ($5)

My Obsessively Grateful Shirt ($38)

Similar Grateful Shirts ($16ish) and one in Light Blue

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Five Gifts for Guys

Here are five Christmas gifts for men.  I never know what to get my guy for Christmas.  These are some he’s already opened and some he will get this Christmas.  When I say guys, I mean men.  It still seems old to call them men.  My 13 year old is almost a man!  Aaaah!

The #5 Gift for Guys is performance shorts that are really casual.  Here are 3 brands my guy has:

This men’s performance flex short has a zip front, flat front performance short for men that is 96% polyester, 4% spandex.  These men’s shorts have two pockets in the back, but one pocket is a zipper pocket.  Then there’s a tech pocket on the right leg that zips as well.  Pockets are breathable mesh, and these Performance Shorts feel like they’re lined with a workout short fabric.  They can look dressed up or they can look like men’s athletic performance shorts.  There are belt loops.  The fabric is so soft, slicky but thick, lightweight material for men’s performance. He can style flexibility based on his day’s activities.

Cargo dress shorts that are actually casual shorts – slicky material that would repel water, but that is not why this guy likes these Gerry Shorts.  Stretch fabrication. These look like cargo shorts, but the fabric is performance style for a rugged lifestyle or for dressing up your guy.  Two zip pockets on the legs and both back pockets are zip closure.  Nice a long for a cargo look.  They have belt loops.  My husband thinks they’re heavy, weighted feeling.  But these are my favorite on him.  They’re not huge, bulky cargo shorts. The flaps are not bulky.  I think they’re a slimming long short that guys like.

BirdDogs Shorts – gym shorts you could wear on a date in New England.  They are expensive though.  #1 reason these shorts are on the list is: They look nice but are slicky lined with boxers.  Don’t restrict movement, boxers don’t get out of place, 4 pockets,

There is no fly or button, but it looks like there is a zipper.  These are very expensive, and my husband has the Extra Large Long, and they’re above his knee.  Great for men below 5’10”.

#4 Gift for Guys is this set of headrest hooks that are for the headrest.  My guy likes his car pretty clean.  They are not shaped like hooks; they don’t protrude down.  These are super sturdy plastic holders for reusable grocery bags, trash bags, and my very own purse.  These hooks help you get organized in your car.  These headrest hooks get the clutter off the back seat.  Gives passengers more leg room by getting back seat clutter off the floor board.

The above video shows how my top five list really work.  There is this thick rubber in the C shape that helps you slide it off with easy elbow grease but keeps the hook on the headrest securely.

A set of two is great because I really just need one from the driver’s perspective.  I would put the other one behind my driver’s head rest so that the passenger could reach behind me to hang the trash bag.

Easily accessible for back seat passengers as well as front seat passenger and driver.

Holds up to 18 pounds but they only recommend 10 pounds.

#3 Gift for Men: Bedside caddy show pic of how many books it really could hold

If your man likes to read a little before bed, this bedside caddy is perfect!  Books or magazines before bedtime, pens, and a notepad can all be kept in this bedside caddy.  The super strong velcro straps hold the caddy with additional weight in its pockets.  It comes in colors, but gray is the one I got. This particular one seems to have too big of a pocket for our needs, but look how much room there really is in this pocket!

#2 Gift for Men:  This is a car seat gap filler.  It blocks all change or coins that fall in-between your console and seat.  Since this cushion is stuffed in-between the seat and console, there is no space for even just one coin to drop in-between there.  I lost my phone down in that gap, and this catch-all would’ve stopped the phone.  There’s a slot that fits around the seat belt base. You squeeze this long piece in-between your middle console and seat cushion  and the front just pushes down further.  I’m comparing these two for $9 to the original Drop Stop for $19.99.  They say if it’s a knock off it’s not the best.  I can attest that there is absolutely no gap.  Comes in cream, brown and black.

#1 Gift for Guys is a periodic table shirt.  We’e been fans of these for years!  They use the letters from minerals and metals? from the periodic table to spell words.  They have Ge N I U S for genius.  There’s Ba C O N for bacon.  Super cute!

Check out my 5 Gifts Under $15 for the Person Who Has Everything video for other Christmas present ideas.

5 gifts for a car guy, husband, college student, teenager

These are gifts for men that my husband has used and reviewed.   None of these items for guys  is sponsored; we bought them all with our money.  I’m sharing five gifts for the man in your life-your hubby, dad, boys…

The video above shows you how they all work and look.

5) This gift is for guys who like to look good while living an active lifestyle…or whose wives want them to look good while living. 

My husband appreciates these mens’ performance shorts because of the fabric.  Me personally, I like the way the shorts hang and the thin material.

Three different brands for three different reasons.  My guy only has one of the expensive one, but it’s his favorite.  This short has boxers already in them so your husband doesn’t have to wear boxers!  Caution though because he’s wearing the XL Long, and they come to the top of his knee.  He’s 5’10”.

These shorts look like cargo shorts, but the material is a dry fit kind of fabrication.  Made for an active lifestyle, they move and groove but can be worn with a nice collared shirt.

These shorts are super thin and smooth.  He likes them because they’re not gym shorts, but they feel smooth like them.  And again this type of performance shorts hangs right and can be worn on a date.

How to Master the Half-Tuck Look: 2 Ways

Here I’m showing you how to master the half tuck look.  When I wear t-shirts or blouses, my mind is battling: do I tuck my top half way in or leave it untucked?  Wearing the half tuck look is more flattering in my opinion.

But pulling off the half tuck can be tricky.  How far do you tuck in a shirt? Which shirts can be tucked in?  How do you achieve a half tuck?   How do I tell if I should not tuck in a shirt?

I have stood in front of the bathroom mirror many times at my church trying to get my half tuck just right.  And with my own trial and errors, I can help you practice how to master the half tuck look.

Disclosure:  I am just sharing with you what I have observed on other people.  You are allowed to tweak my instructions in any way to fit your body style.

If you follow my two methods, you will learn how to achieve a half tuck look that is casual and flattering.  You will master the half tuck look so that you can feel confident throughout your day and not have to check the windows of stores that you walk by to see if the half tuck still looks just right.

Two Methods to Mastering the Half Tuck Look:

First Method: Belt Loop Knuckle Method: Place your fingertips on the button and go out to your hand knuckles – the first belt loop.  Draw up the fabric, tuck just that area in.  Pull out the shirt enough so that it can drape.  So you have a diagonal line right there at your tummy.  We’re tricking the eye…just like the bathing suit companies do with diagonal lines.  If a tummy isn’t your problem area, you may need to tuck it farther across from there.

2nd Method: Button Method:  Tuck in your shirt only at your button.  You’ll grab some fabric and tuck it just behind the button and drape it out a little.  Here is this shirt fully tucked in.

I don’t tuck in my shirts all the way hardly ever because it cuts me right at my middle which isn’t flattering for some mathematical reason I’m sure.  I need the top to elongate me.

Fabric Choice:

It’s a thin 100% rayon material plaid from Target-I’ll link it below.  I wanted to wear it with lower cut jeans and wanted the back to cover my booty. This rayon fabric is golden for mastering a half tuck because it’s made of out rayon.  When I half tuck this plaid shirt, rayon disguises my problem area, helping me to feel more confident with it being half tucked in.  This top puddles instead of poking out.

My 100% cotton gingham shirt pokes out when I tuck it in half way.  With this top I use the Button Half Tuck Method; the only thing about 100% cotton is that it pokes out.  Be Goldilocks when choosing your top.  If you are not 100% confident in that fabric, don’t spend money on it.

Know what u want to look like-not dressy, approachable, sporty, classy, preppy, grunge/lady like, boho, or fancy.  I prefer not fancy; if I wear heels of any kind, then I feel like I’m too dressed up.  I used to feel that way about lipstick too.

T-shirt Choices:

This Mossimo Relaxed V-neck T-shirt, is amazing and does not cling,and it is a good one to explain the half tuck method.  Again, it looks okay untucked, but using the belt loop half tuck method makes it a lot more flattering of a look. I tuck the t-shirt in at my belt loop and adjust it down on an angle. Sometimes I have to tuck it in all the way across if that looks better.  But see how it does not cling?  The Mossimo is loose enough and flowy.  My Radiate Love graphic tee looks fine untucked, but when I half tuck it, my curves are more flattering.

Look at the length of your t-shirt:  Do you have enough t-shirt fabric to pull out if you have tucked in the shirt?  Enough of the t-shirt hangs below my low waisted waist band so that there is enough fabric to pull out and drape after I’ve tucked in the shirt.

Here is my Turkey Trot just as an example of how the half tuck makes the outfit look more pulled together.  And the half tuck is more flattering than untucked.  I have to add a belt with these jeans if my top is more fitted.  The belt helps pull my tummy in, and holds in that little bit of material if that is all I have.

Size up: Try a size bigger with your tops.  Play around with fabric.  Find a blouse in 100 cotton, one with 100% polyester in it, one with rayon in it.  These plaid ones are 100% polyester, they do not cling.  They puddle when I use the half tuck method.  This navy one is not as flattering as my other ones. Untucked, they’re not quite long enough or short enough to be flattering, so I half tucked them in for a more flattering look.

Mossimo and Turkey Trot are 60% cotton 40% polyester.  Radiate is 55% cotton and 45% polyester.

Jeans or Trousers:  Pick your two favorite pairs of jeans or shorts that you feel really comfortable and confident in.  They do go hand in hand because if you’re not comfortable, it’s not really worth wearing or buying that piece of clothing.  I think every woman should invest in a lower rise pair of jeans or trousers.  They’re perfect for a half tuck.  Some jeans say they’re mid rise and they end up inching down to a low rise fit though.  If you are older and scared of skinny jeans, my mother in law has a pair of Chic Classic Collection Women’s Stretch Elastic Waist Pull-On Pant – elastic waist and tapered I would say; very flattering!  I’ll link it below-you can get them on Amazon.

If you’re self conscious of your leg size, go with straight jeans or boyfriend jeans.  They’re so flattering on full-legged women.  And then wear a loosely fitted top or blouse that is tucked in all the way. You want to focus on bringing the eye up to your waist and upper body by skimming the legs to elongate them up. This burgundy t-shirt is more fitted so I wore a looser legged pair of jeans. Sonoma Everyday Tee Brand is 60% cotton and 40% polyester and they are fitted without being clingy.  Here’s one from Target. See how it’s more fitted than the loose jeans?  My skinny jeans do not look flattering because everything is tight except my problem are my tummy.  But when I pair it with looser jeans, belt and half tuck in, look how much more put together it looks.

We want to be real, authentic women with our friends and our spouse and with ourselves.  Let’s stop trying to be something we’re not.  We know that God created us beautifully unique as we are without clothes.  God also gave us a personality and creativity and I express my creativity and personality through clothing most days.  But I know before I get dressed that I’m beautiful and enough just like I am regardless of the clothes I’m fixing to put on.  So, part of getting dressed is being armored with truth in our minds about who we are and how worthy we are as is.

Now, when you are picking apart an outfit that you’ve put together, you can only critique the outfit, not you as a person.

Now What?

First look at an outfit you.  Investigate what it is that looks good?  Is it that you can see your waist more?  Your legs are more flattered in that outfit?  Your shoulders look really feminine?  Your collar bone looks great?  Your neck?

Look at an outfit that has jeans or pants whichever you wear most often.  Those pants will go with several shirts.  You know if you want to look cute, you can always pair something with these jeans.  Your go-to jeans.  These darker wash jeans are called Miracle Body and are pretty high-you can see that the Radiate Love top looks fine untucked.  But I think this top looks better half tucked into jeans with a lower rise.

I’m a fan of the half tuck on an angle.

Now, in order for a style technique to be practical, you need to know how to pull off a half tuck with your eyes closed.  When you’re at the mall or church in the bathroom style, you don’t want to have to walk out and stand in front of the crowded mirror trying to get that half tuck just right.

So practice your half tuck while you’re at home.  Untuck your shirt, go about for a few minutes.  Go to a different mirror in your house and do the half tuck again.  After probably 10 times, you’ll feel more natural.

Remember that we don’t want to make our lives all about “how do I look now,” and five minutes later, “how do i look now?”  We are confident in our beauty on the inside; we’re armored mentally with truths about who we are and whose we are.  We belong to the King of the universe.  We are worth it, even if we wear a paper bag throughout the day.

So, getting dressed isn’t about proving our worth to someone else.  It’s about quick, convenient, smart dressing with clothes we have in our closet or that we can buy…clothes that flatter our body shape and personality style.