The “Un-To-Do List” for Women

I’m sharing how to be less stressed as a woman, mom or business woman.  POP into these ideas by not doing certain things…

I want to relieve your stress so that you feel encouraged by this “un” to-do list for women. I hope these help you not give up.

I heard a talk on setting goals and keeping those goals in episode 13 of Christy Wright’s Business Boutique podcast. She said jokingly that we women needed to make an “un” to-do list. And that concept gave me such relief and relaxed shoulders as I went through the rest of my day.  As a business woman I want to accomplish goals in a timely manner, as a mom I have a to-do list that must get done, and I have a calendar list. Some days I feel guilty because I absolutely cannot achieve certain goals at this time. With her inspiration, I have created an ‘un” to-do list for us women that will help us not feel like a failure if we have not completed our list of goals for this year.

What I Used:
Christy Wright’s Business Boutique

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BauBax Travel Jacket (For Seasoned Travelers)

 I am reviewing my Baubax Travel Jacket Sweatshirt (Creative Lifestyle) that I got for Christmas as a surprise from my husband. This review is not sponsored fyi.  I have worn this travel coat on two airplanes since then. Whether you travel for work or fly for leisure, let’s POP in for a full review.

15 features of this travel jacket with a built-in stylus, neck pillow, eye mask, gadget pockets, and even a drink holder pocket. 


4 styles of jackets; I prefer the sweatshirt because more than the 15 features of this travel jacket is that it keeps me warm while in-flight.  There is a heaviness to it.  But they have a vest version, a windbreaker as well as a thicker coat.  Baubax Travel Jackets come in sizes for men and women. 

Cons: Baubax Travel Jackets run small

They run out quickly and take weeks to produce more – for Christmas mine was too small.  They did not have my size in any of the women’s style so I ordered a small in the mens’ sizes and I love it.

But I really wanted the light blue color sweatshirt that the women’s options.

Another negative from Baubax is no free returns or exchanges.  For as high quality and high price tag for this travel jacket, I expect free returns and exchanges.

It’s really expensive.  So critics say it’s just an over priced jacket with pockets.  But their placement and thought process is helpful for airline travelers.

The head pillow is not super taut; since you fly upright, I want a neck pillow that I can lean on from the side.  So it needs to be thick.  I would also only pack this on a long haul flight abroad.

As an airline employee’s spouse, we fly world-wide and often.  I want ease and efficiency in airports.

1) Going through security is faster and no hassle.  Your travel gear and accessories mostly fit in one jacket.

Passport and airplane ticket fit in a pocket.

Phone fits in pocket

iPad fits inside pocket

Power bank fits in a pocket (but I’d store mine in a carryon bag)

2) I like that so many of the pockets zip, and for travel abroad, we want to hide our personal belongings.

3) Neck pillow has a one press deflation and an easy way to inflate it.  You inflate the neck pillow with one breath and gently press the flap to instantly deflate it.  The travel jacket comes with the neck pillow in your hood, but it’s way too bulky even though it’s deflated.  So I recommend storing it inside a pocket or in your carryon bag.

4) Storage for earphones if you are walking through the airport like a cool teenager listening to music on your headphones.  Store them in two loops, place your phone in the zipped pocket.  You can quickly take out one headphone to talk to the flight attendant, but look at the no-stress part: you just drop the ear bud.  No more looking for it between the airplane seats.  Hassle free!

I’ve shared some of my travel hacks in my most recent post, and one of them is about headphones.

Pause it: here’s the link to the cutest airplane shirt people have asked me about. DSC_0003

5) Store sunglasses in another loop on this travel jacket.  But once I enter the airport I store my sunglasses in my  carryon bag until I’m at my vacation destination.

6) Love the built in eye mask.  Note that this built in does not completely and tightly cover your eyes, but this flap does shield some of the brightness.

7) Drink cup section?   Hahaha, cracks me up.  But have you seen the size of the tray tables. tray-table-on-airplane

Saves space!  When I use my laptop on the airplane, it takes up all my space.  I recommend zipping your coat before inserting the soda can because the pocket is more taut. 

8) Being cold on an airplane is such a hassle so I appreciate the extra soft pockets to warm my hand.  I appreciate the hood’s warmth, and I love the built-in gloves (now if Baubax could only invent a foot warmer for when I’m wearing sandals on a flight).  If you own a Baubax travel jacket, you may want to get the blanket because there’s a pocket for that!

If you want warmth, get the sweatshirt.  If you might get wet in the elements, get the Baubax windbreaker or vest.

At first I thought the built-in travel pillow stayed in your hood, but with only one button hole, you take it out and expand it in one breath.  It also deflates with one tap of the anti-locking flap.

I hope this review helps you make a more informed decision.  Efficient travels to you!

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23 Travel Hacks (My Tips and Tricks)

(Once you hit play, click on YouTube for more clarity)

Here are 23 travel hacks for your next vacation.  My tips will help you when packing in your carryon suitcase, and my tricks are some you can use while on the actual airplane.  We fly often, so some of these travel hacks have become a way of life so much that I didn’t realize they were a hack.  Hopefully these 23 travel hacks will be ones you have not seen before. 

My YouTube above goes into much more detail, with pictures and videos of these helpful hints.

If deodorant breaks off into pieces-pile them on couple pieces of toilet paper and wipe onto arm.

Separate purse items into smaller slim/skinny containers: one for visa cards and cash, one for headphones, one for chapsticks/lipsticks, one for glasses, one for band-aids, one for advil, tylenol, vitamins, small earrings, etc.  You get the picture; I’m not saying to have 10 little bags inside your backpack…just separate items as you think of it.

Cross your purse through your leg and hold it between your feet especially if you are going to Barcelona and want to avoid pickpocketers.

Store liquids horizontally in liquids bag to 

Roll your clothes instead of throwing them in or folding them; i compare rolling vs packing in travel cubes if you click here

If you forgot the plug to charge your phone, you can use the cord pushed into your hotel TV usb thing to charge it. But I just bring my power bank.

Or you can just buy a power bank.  These usually give you a full charge of your phone’s battery.  I use these on flights longer than 2 hours b/c if I’m using my phone to watch the airplane’s entertainment system, my battery drains super fast.

If you forgot your phone prop up device or if you POPsocket popped right off like mine did, unfold a magazine and you can prop it.  I think it works best if you have a rubbery case; this is a slim case and is kind of slippery. 

Or you can use a cheap pair of sunglasses upside down to prop your phone on.

You can also put your bag in a new ziplock bag and poke it through the seat tray table’s hook-but i do not prefer that method for blurry reasons.airplane-seat-tray-table-hook

I suggest using google maps off line in a remote location. Type in the address you want to visit in the actual Google Maps while you’re connected to the internet.

Get cash from ATM not the airport, etc.  Better rates; and store cash in different locales.

Bring a hair clip or bulldog clip to hold curtains together. hotel-curtains-clips-hold-together

Bring an empty water bottle because now water fountains have the water bottle filler upper.

My favorite one is to take a picture of your passport and insurance and DL and email them to someone so that if you need to find them.  You won’t have to find a printable, you can just pull it up via your email.

Wear 2 socks to the airport-the outer layer being very old.  Once you’ve gone through security with your socks off, trash the outer pair.  A subscriber gave me this idea.

Wear heaviest shoes on the plane so you have more space in your suitcase.

Another travel hack is to store cleanser or vaseline in these little discs (or contact lens containers).  I say cleanser because it’s thick.  My moisturizer leaked in this one time only so I cannot say moisturizer.  I just found these disc containers that I’ll store vitamins and earrings in.  They’re one hand use…because that makes them a cool gadget. 

Pick the busy time of day to travel and volunteer to be bumped asap.

Pack in a carryon suitcase and use backpack as your under the seat bag.

Jewelry through a straw…too high maintenance.  Place them in a gallon bag and roll very tightly so they don’t budge.  Or you can get one that rolls up but stays very snug.

Headphone organization: I keep mine in a case that came with purchase, but you can also use a big clip-got this idea from Aspyn Ovard. 

You can check Trip Advisor for places to eat and things to do, but you can also check Pinterest.

Save your purse and back stress; use a backpack but pack a cross body small purse inside your backpack.  Most of us have a phone in one hand or coffee in one hand, while the suitcase carryon is rolling behind us in the other hand.  Be hands free!

The #1 travel hack is using water soluble paper, brushing liquid soap on both sides of the paper, hanging it to dry, cutting it into one inch rectangles.  When you are traveling and do not have soap, you pull out one of these tiny rectangles, run it under water, and the soap is activated so that you can wash your hands.

Let me know if you have a travel hack on your airline of choice below in the comments.  Smart and on time travels to y’all!  Thanks for POPping over.

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Trading Spaces Reunion Show Party

Now that Discovery Communications owns TLC, they are bringing back the cast and crew of Trading Spaces for a reunion show.  I’m creating a Trading Spaces Reunion Viewing Party and will give you some ideas for hosting your own shindig this April 7.

I grew up with knowing TLC as The Learning Channel.  Then its name changed to TLC. In 2000 is when Trading Spaces began their home genre reality show.  Before there was an HGTV.  And before there was one of my favorite reality show, What Not to Wear which also aired on TLC.

Discovery Communication’s president and general manager, Nancy Daniels, will not tell us when the new season will begin.  April 7 is when the Trading Spaces Reunion show will be.  It’s been ten years so what is a few more months of waiting.  But we do know the returning cast members on the reunion episode.

It ran for from 2000-2008 reality show when reality shows were just beginning. Two couples would trade houses to redecorate a room in one another’s house.  Their budget was $1,000 (later 2).

If you are planning a reunion viewing party, I recommend borrowing this book from a friend.  Michelle had this!!!  Still! She had it.  It’s full of what each designer is known for-great for making trivia questions.  I’ll link my trivia questions; you can give away key chains, paint sticks with Trading Spaces 2018 painted on each one-spray paint them gold.

On the 3rd page, I see what is ETCHED in my memory of this TLC show….Paige crossing her arms with the homeowners’ key chains in each hand.

Paige would swap the keys.

Laurie Smith was pregnant twice during the first eight years. She will be on the Trading Spaces reunion episode.  Paige went into broadway and will definitely be on the show.

Genevieve Gorder was on several HGTV shows following TLC’s Trading Spaces.  She was known for going barefoot and had the coolest designs.  She will be on the show.

Hildi Santo-Thomas – covered the walls of one house with hay, filled someone’s basement floor with sand, and hot glued fake flowers to someone’s bathroom walls-every inch of them.

Frank Bielec – funny, down-to-earth, persnickety artist who has a pseudonym guy from Texas.

Amy Wynn Pastor – so down-to-earth, an excellent carpenter.  She and Laurie always seemed to jive with what elements Laurie wanted.

Ty Pennington is returning to be with his original family of co-stars.


Dress up like a crew member.  Decided against that.  Instead, I thought I could wear the bright orange or bright purple or blue or green nurse’s shirt and glue a DIY logo to the back of my shirt.  You can get the original shirts on eBay.

Sweet Designs by Chelle is making the cookies in a house shape with keys drawn on them for a party favor.

Bring your best key chain to show.

Host buys everyone a key chain as a party favor.

Trading Dishes-bring an appetizer to share.

Play the Trade Spaces Game….Trade spaces if you drove more than 10 miles to get here…trading spaces reunion
Trade Spaces Game

Print a picture of each designer and put each on a paper plate or construction paper for stiffness or just glue to a paper towel tube. 

Decorate ladder with streamers wrapped around it.  Tape the designers’ faces to the back (since I’m on YouTube, I’ve just written each crew member’s name on a piece of paper).  When asking trivia questions, switch the designers photographs from the back of the ladder to the front.

For swag across my mantle, I was going to print some free printable of hammers and paintbrushes or use some paint sticks from Home Depot that I spray painted.  But I just bought this banner from Hobby Lobby.

Dip tin paint cans (but you can get them from Party City for 99 cents each) in paint and let the paint drip down into a decoration pattern.  I used old paint, practiced with white paper cups, and the best way is to pour the paint on half the rim, put two fingers in the way so the paint runs down in a wavy pattern.  I actually like the way the white cups look; just wish they were taller.

Visited my own workshop bench and saw old paint sticks and two pain trays and several extension cords and blue tape rolls that could be hung on the wall as decor.

Welcome people to your house with plastic orange cones.

Thank you to Juggling Act Mama for explaining how in the world to do this extension cord wreath.  I wrestled my first trial like a bear!  I used a cross stitch hoop, it was a hot mess, found the correct way thanks to Juggling Act Mama, broke that hoop and finally made it to welcome the folks into the house.  I just wrapped a short one around a wreath hook and called it a day.

Trivia Questions

This Behind the Scenes book was invaluable for remembering Trading Spaces trivia questions on each designer! Just click and print these questions.  I recommend spray painting paint stir-er sticks with gold spray paint as a prize. Trading-Spaces-Reunion-Trivia-Questions 

Here is a welcome sign to hang in your house.



Everyone will come to your house in a happy mood because those are the vibes we got from Trading Spaces…from the way Paige cared for each homeowner’s reactions at the end of each show, the way Ty, Oosterhouse and Amy Wynn Pastor joked around but respected each designer, the way each designer did their own thing but brought their own personality to the show.  We fell in love, and home decor reality shows ignited.  Happy reunion party watching and leave me a message below if you have a creative idea because we have a month before TLC’s Trading Spaces Reunion April 7th launch episode. 

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Six of the Best Books for Your Summer Reading List

I’m sharing six of the best books to put on your summer reading list.  You have your manicure and pedicure and your dreaded swim suit; now you just need to know the best books to read this summer.  Whether you’re going to the ocean this summer or to a cabin in the mountains, hopefully these six summer reads will set you up.  

In the video above, I’ve time stamped each summary if that will help you.

The best book on this summer reading list is The Devil in the Junior League is about exactly what the title says. – When you go on your first summer vacation, take this book.  Quick wit, fun, new phase of life stage for a character with two middle names who realizes her whole pearls in the kitchen life is utterly fake as are several uppity members of her local Junior League.  I could not put this book down.  You think you’re going to roll your eyes. It’s not your typical girlfriend book; it’s more of a humanizing of the women in this elite club when an odd ball tries to be accepted into the club.  And the friendships that grow are fun, cool and lighthearted.

Number two on this summer reading list is The Lake House – Kate Morton – spins family secrets into characters seeking forgiveness of their own failures suspenseful page turners characters

Set in Cornwall, England bouncing between the 1930s and early 2000s. Genius vocabulary elevating ur IQ as u read.  This book is a love story, a mystery, mixed with a whole other plot going on present day while you learn about the crime in the 1930s.  You wonder what you would have done back then if you were part of this wealthy family.

There are so many twists and surprises that make it a quick summer read.  The Lake House has a reading group guide.  Have any of you had a book club in the summer?  I guess you would read it during the summer and then lead the book club in the fall.

#3 on this summer reading list is The Fix – David Baldacci about a guy named Amos Decker who gained the sometimes inconvenient gift of not being able to forget…anything.

A guy shoots another person in front of the FBI building and then shoots himself.  But Amos cannot find out how they could’ve known each other to even begin to solve the crime that he witnessed.  Come to find out, it’s a matter of national security that he figure it out.  Grabs u early as it’s a thriller.  Based on the first 2 books in the series about Amos Decker.  But you don’t have to have read the first two.  But they’re really good as well.  Another quick summer read.

Number Four is by one of the best authors, Lee Child, called Night School.

He always rats someone out who’s been needing a good ratting out for a long time.  Sarcastic, what-you-see-is-what-you-get Jack Reacher brilliantly solves the crime and uncovers truth in a way that no other character can.  He supposedly has to take a class at night but figures out there’s a catch almost immediately.  I like to read these books on the airplane or in the airport; I feel like everyone around me is a spy for some other country; I’m very suspect of each passenger.  The answer to solve the crime is just in front of them through the whole book. 

The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty – Taking you by storm in the first chapter, we learn a secret that baffles your decision-making skills as a wife, stretching the reader to weigh her woman’s intuition and pointing fingers ability as a woman, mother, wife, or friend.  Can something so bad bring them closer?  It is fun but suspenseful because you know she doesn’t want anyone knowing the secret.  It really makes you think what you would do if you found out this secret. 

Big Little Lies – With a bit too much language imo this book catches your attention to know more about each character.  She builds what you think you want to know about each character slowly and methodically.  If you have had a child go through pre-k and elementary school, you will know exactly who some of these characters are.  We meet some stereotypical upper middle class and wealthy women wearing masks to hide their hurts.  Aaaaannnndd when they all become friends, only SOME of the masks come off.  You will love these ladies and feel so sorry for them at the same time.  Great book!

For the bonus book, make sure you watch the video.

Photographs are by Antoine Therizols, Brooke Lark, James Connolly, Giammarco Boscaro,  Fidelia Zheng, Bethany Laird, Toa Heftiba, Annie Spratt,  Brittany Gaiser, Quentin Kemmel,  Dmitry Ratushny,  Charisse Kenion,  Ben White, Ben Rosett, Kristina Flour,  Spencer Imbrock, Lian Jonkman,  Eric Didier, Jomar Thomas, Andrew Ruiz,  Paul Smith, Charisse Kenion, Vadim Sherbakov,  Darius Bashar,  Ian Dooley, Suhyeon Choi, Kendyle Nelsen, Quentin Kemmel, Anna Ogiienko, Xavier Sotomayor, Shttefan, and Janko Ferlič.

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6 Steps on How To Get a Natural Eyeshadow Look if You’re Over 40

In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to create a natural makeup look on your eyes in 6 steps.  You will practice with neutral shades of eyeshadows you can build upon based on your skin tone.  Whether you have blue eyes, green eyes or are a brown eyed girl…whether you have olive skin tones or are fair skinned, these natural shades will look really pretty on you.  I will show you which brushes to use for each eyeshadow shade.

I’m using a pretty palette of matte colors that will give you a set of neutrals, medium colors and deep color shades, and as your makeup confidence grows with practice and errors, you can add some brighter more bold colors that will transform your makeup look if that is what you want.  These shades all go on light, and as you put more on, they get brighter and brighter.

Natural does not mean frumpy.  Over 40 does not mean boring eyeshadow.

Welcome to my LauriePOP Ideas That POP Channel.  My name is Laurie and I create YouTube videos about ideas that POP into my head and I share them with you. 

With neutral makeup looks, we want to help our own natural skin tones POP.    Before I start with eyeshadow, I always prime my eyes with primer.  I’ve tried several drug store primers, and this is the best for my skin.  You want it to be a little tacky feeling.  Don’t choose one that’s liquidy. Primer helps the color stay on…especially those under tones.  Shades of color cannot POP if they don’t have a backdrop to POP from.

Step one:  Apply a two-layer neutral base that matches your skin tone.  We’re going to stipple the first layer with a flat brush onto the primed eyelid.  Then we use a fluffy brush that will disperse a lot of the off white color shade.  Look at that base; I am all about it.  I’ve watched YouTube videos for five years, and I used to sell Mary Kay.  I would think, “Oh, I already have a natural, skin color on my eyelids, so I can just start adding color.”  But that is not the case for most skin types.  Side note: you are naturally pretty because of that inner beauty that shines like the stars above.  While I’m teaching you how to make your eyeshadow beauty POP, just remember that you are more than enough already.  Now, let’s have some fun with our creative talents.

Step 2 is to find a transition color for the crease that is a little darker than your skin tone.  This shade is my favorite transition color.  It looks like velvet on my skin.  I could leave the house just like this.  Remember to blend around the edges for an even more natural look.

I like to add more of this transition color by sweeping it across my eyelids in a wind shield wiper method.  My brush is angled, but you can use any brush.  I do want the color to be on my crease and up a little and below the crease just a bit. Blend

Step 3 is to get a fluffy brush and use this light gray color.  When you mix brown and gray together, the transformation is a natural, neutral tone that is velvety rosy peach.  I love these together.  Because I have crepey eyes, my brush is going straight across from the middle of the eyelid to the edge.  When I’ve used all the color, then I can wind shield wipe it back and forth. Blend

Step 4 is to use an accent color that is dark. This Dark grayish-dark brown color just in the last edge of the crease is going to give you your personality.  Do not pull your brush all the way down or else your eye will look like it’s drooping; just go straight across – unless you have deep set eyes. Blend

Step 5 is to use eyeliner in the outer corners of your eyes.  Do not miss this step.  I have always used this Mary Kay eyeliner, and I have tried others.  See how it goes up so that you can see the skin color in-between the eyeliner and the lashes.  That is a no-no because it does not look like your natural lash line.  It looks like you have on eyeliner.  Go out a little further if this happens and bring it back down to the lash line.

You can also use a smudge brush which is short stubby bristles.  Or you can swipe it with your finger to smudge the liner.

Step 6 is to use a mascara in a sample size bottle.  It dries out quickly so just by a sample size.  My straight lashes perform well with this It Cosmetics Superhero mascara.

Are you surprised with how natural these four colors look on your skin?  I think with matte neutral colors, your skin will look like velvet.  Natural makeup looks are not boring; there is personality and natural skin tone beauty POPping out from the art that is on your eyelids.

When you have practiced and learned from your errors, add burgundies greens blues in the crease there.  Have fun using your creativity to play around with what looks natural.