Honest Review of Norwegian EPIC Cruise Ship

We researched Norwegian’s site http://www.ncl.com before booking our EPIC Cruise Ship trip.  I will give you my honest review of this NCL cruise ship.  My YouTube video above gives you a more full review and reasons why so please take a few minutes to watch.

Honest Review Norwegian EPIC Cruise Ship.001


teppanyaki-epicteppanyaki-ncl-epichonest review ncl's norwegian epic cruise ship diningThe “free” food was wonderful!  So many options (10) to choose from.  I was worried when ships started having restaurants that you could pay extra for onboard.  I thought that all the good food was going to those restaurants.  But Norwegian’s free food was just as excellent.

Two of the “Free” Dining Options

We had O’Sheehans which is open 24 hours.  Our 12 year old like the nachos.  They’re topped with warm melted orange cheese, and we were surprised at how authentic the tortilla chips tasted.  Attached is a 3 lane bowling alley.  But it does cost $7 to play.  But you’re on vacation!  They did a great job of separating this Pub into sections so it didn’t feel squished or bar-ish.  Very well laid out.  We did not like at all that we had to walk through the casino to get there because they allow smoking!  Ick!  It didn’t smell smoky in O’Sheehan’s, but getting there was yucky.

Garden Cafe is just off the pool area, but it is very nice.  They have a cafe connected to the pool and its seating areas, but the Garden Cafe is a huge buffet restaurant.  My husband thought some of the hot choices were luke warm.  And by some I mean 2 out of 200 food items.  We ate here 6 mornings and 5 nights.  Delicious, varied options for the whole family and all nationalities.  Beef Wellington was one of the meats that was offered on the last night.  Pasta is always available.  It’s a big and long rectangle.  I think it was so very good that it was over crowded on two of the major touring cities.  Since everyone was leaving by 8 for the excursion, we all decided to eat at the same time here.  Very casual dress here.

honest review ncl's norwegian epic cruise ship dining

I like Taste because you got an actual menu.  We felt like we were in a nice restaurant for free.  I wish the wait staff was more fun and more interactive with their guests.  Maybe they’re all about numbers and making sure passengers get their food.  I was longing the for fun wait staff from our Disney Dream Cruise Ship.

Extra Cost Restaurants We Tried

Tepanyaki is their version of Benihana Restaurants.  It was worth every penny.  Very funny and entertaining chefs at each of the tables we saw.  Absolutely delicious!  I had the beef and grilled shrimp.  I could cut the beef cubes with my fork!

honest review ncl's norwegian epic cruise ship dining

Le Bistro was delightful and was listed as Cruise Smart for dress.  So my husband wore a collared shirt, and I wore a dress.  Still casual but smart.  I told someone that this had the best French Onion Soup I think I’ve ever had, and I have been to Gruyere!

La Cucina is beautiful because it’s at the entire front of the ship-floor to ceiling windows at dinner time.  Breathtaking views!  This seemed very fancy, but the recommended dress was Cruise Casual.  Again, we wore the same as in Le Bistro.  This too was worth more than we paid.  We got appetizers, a first course (pasta or risotto!!!) that was a large portion, 2nd course was a salad.  3rd course was the meat.  I got Filet Mignon, and my husband got Shrimp.

We were hesitant to go to a fancier restaurant that cost extra.  But, we all highly recommend it as a splurge!

The Ship

honest review ncl's norwegian epic cruise ship

So many lounge chairs are on the decks of this ship!  There is a back row near the pool that is totally shaded, and that rowhonest review ncl's norwegian epic cruise shipis elevated so your people-watching view is not blocked.  Plus, there are many smooth plastic sofas completely shaded and far enough away from the pool noises.  All of the furniture on the EPIC is high end looking.  Very luxe, yet sturdy furniture.

The putt-putt 5 hole golf cours for kids is completely shaded too and has little squirty fountains throughout.  That’s about how long toddlers’ attention span is though, right?

We thought the video arcade was astounding, and at certain times (too few) nine to twelve year olds were allowed to play. honest review ncl's norwegian epic cruise ship

The hot tubs were beautiful; elevated far enough above the deck floor so you feel somewhat private.  The light aqua tile color just makes everything gorgeous!

Signs on the pool deck are clear and easy to read.  The ladies’ bathroom is under the slides of the main pool deck as well as on the opposite end of the main pool deck.  Very convenient.  It seemed like the main deck was always wet…just in case you have a family member who may slip easily.  We felt sturdy with the Trex-type decking they use though.  My mom was in a wheel chair or a cane most nights and didn’t have any problems. restroom-epic

We were very disappointed with the phone app because there was no map of the ship for us to reference.  No map booklet like you get in hotels and on other ships.  No map/layout section on your app.  On NCL’s app you could only see major events for that day.  You couldn’t tell on your app that they had a Painting on Canvas class (free) that day at 2:00.  It was in the paper magazine, but most people check apps these days.

Check out what the gadget is on my phone case here!  I love it!


This may sound completely petty, but you could not get new towels on the pool deck unless you had one to swap.  That was frustrating. lanyard-cruise-keycard-european-cruise

I had brought my large iPhone Waterproof case to hold my phone and key card since you have to have the key card EVERYWHERE, but I didn’t need it.  I now suggest just getting the key card sized case.  Saw these everywhere; just a lightweight lanyard for your key card!  Perfect for kids too!

honest review ncl's norwegian epic cruise ship

The two main pools were beautiful.  Small, but most of the kids stayed in the 3 foot deep one, while others stayed in the 5 foot deep one.  The deeper one was hot.  It felt so good on the cold windy afternoons!  Once the ship started moving, brrrr!  And it was 86 degrees!

The outdoor cafe was perfect for grabbing a burger, ice cream cone, or lunchy items.  Sheltering the outdoor cafe were the pods which gave you awesome shade mixed in with some sun.  So cute; like lily pad pods.

In the morning, we think having out our aluminum cup to put coffee in would be helpful.  Cafe cups were tiny ones, and the to go ones were paper that was a mix between paper and styrofoam.  We didn’t like them.  We also didn’t like that you had to pay for a cappuccino.  Minor.

Luggage Tags

Their luggage tags were mailed to us, but we were responsible for stapling them on.  Pro: We just had to cut on the dotted line, fold and staple.  Cons:  We flew to another country first, before starting our cruise and couldn’t have those luggage tags on our bags in the airport.  When we did get to the foreign country, we needed a stapler.  But our hotel accommodated us.


We loved the water package we bought!  Highly recommend that in advance.  Storage below the sink will fit 16 liter bottles of water.  We ended up buying 6 more.

Matt Hanafin gave a balanced review of NCL’s Norwegian Epic Cruise Ship.  I agree with some of his opinions and disagree strongly with others.

Let’s Talk Rooms

Oh my word, they’re beautiful!  We had read about so many people not liking the curved walls, but we loved them.  They’re aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  They indeed give you the feeling of an ocean wave.  Sofas are curved, along with one of the walls.  Gone are the boring rectangular cells. review honest ncl norwegian epic cruise ship european caribbeanreview honest ncl norwegian epic cruise ship european caribbean

Aqua, turquoise, creams and whites!  Just like the ocean waves!  Our first balcony experience on the 11th floor, and we were surprised at how much time we spent out there.  I feared it would be freezing.  I recommend making sure your balcony is covered.  The people a couple floors below ours got a coffee cup dropped on their head because they had no protection.

No complaining will help, but like all cruise ships, there were only two outlets in the entire room.  I brought my travel power strip thankfully.  It swivels, and you can charge two phones while using 3 additional plug outlets!  The in-room hair dryer was amazing.  I couldn’t find what wattage or voltage it was, but my hair dried faster than it does in Houston! outlets-ncl-epic

NCL norwegian epic cruise ship honest review rooms

My video above will show you how to twist the plugs!  I LOVE THAT IT TWISTS and ROTATES!!

LOVE love love the height of the hallways.  I can touch the ceiling and did not feel claustrophobic at all.  Loved the 6 towel hooks around the shower doors!  And the bonus floor mat hook that was knee high.  The shower head was at least 6’2″ high.  We really appreciated the toilet being separated and having its own door.  The steam from the shower doesn’t seep out into the room where you’re trying to do your hair.  Plenty of medicine cabinet storage above the sink and in front of the larger mirror. ncl-rooms

I had two makeup bags and one liquids bag, and you can tell by the picture that the drawer for that was very deep and long.  There are two large closets, enough for my hang up dresses and tops as well as my hubby’s collared shirts and more.  Following the curved, wavy wall theme, one of the cabinets was curved.  It’s just pretty to look at.

NCL norwegian epic cruise ship honest review rooms

There really was “epic” storage in our stateroom.  See how my hubby used these wire racks for his dirty laundry? NCL norwegian epic cruise ship honest review rooms

Oh, and we loved the curtain for privacy if you really did need to have the shower and toilet areas blocked off.

Double OH, the pillows were fabulous.

Norwegian offered a firmer pillow and a softer pillow for each person.  Had a third person been in our room, we could’ve used the pull out sofa.  I’m glad we didn’t have to for a seven day cruise.

NCL norwegian epic cruise ship honest review rooms


Watch my video above to see why I had to get in the emergency boat!  I’m so glad I did!

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Three Things to Wear on an Airplane

Whether you’re flying on a transatlantic flight or a flight to Europe, there are three things you should wear on the airplane. I’ve created several YouTube videos about travel so check out my LauriePOP Channel sometime.airplane-three-things-wear

Airline travel outfits should be smart.  These three things to wear on an airplane will help you mix and match during your vacation.

Why should you care about what to wear on the airplane to Europe?

Why Care?
Bring Sexy Back (haha)

  • Justin Timberlake would be appalled at what I’ve worn to the airport; that’s probably what led him to performing that son way back when.  But after many flights across the pond and the waves of grain, I’ve figured out non-frumpy things to wear.
  • Sitting for hours is awesome in yoga pants, so a tight waist band should be in the suitcase not in Seat 22E.
  • Some transatlantic flights are freezing.  Some European flights are hot, depending on where you are sitting.  Be prepared with an extra layer that can be worn or shed.
  • Wearing pieces on an airplane that can be worn other times during the trip is just smart.  Saves space in your carry on suitcase and saves you money because you packed efficiently in your carryon suitcase.  Is that two words or just one??


I stumbled upon a gray tunic extender like this, but black was more versatile.  My gray one was a Medium, and this extender is Small.  It’s just a tad shorter.  They come in like 20 colors!

By the way, I’m a size 10 and 5’8″.  THE ONE REASON I love this and wear it is because it hangs correctly!  It doesn’t cling.  It hits mid to upper thigh, so proportionally you’re correct. three-things-wear-airplane-transatlantic-european-flight

You can see that this tunic can look dressier as well as more casual.

three things wear airplane comfortable shoe transatlantic flight european

I didn’t want the lace-bottomed ones, although I’ve seen some that are adorable.  I just didn’t feel comfortable styling that type, and I liked the one-and-done of this extenderwear-three-things-airplane

I’ve even put a tee on top of my gray extender.  Check out my YouTube Channel for more inspiration and Ideas That POP

From last Fall

I just love this in black because it can get dirty, doesn’t wrinkle easily, and can be paired with so many layering pieces for a transatlantic flight.


I add the most comfortable shoe to travel and sightsee in to make it more sporty.  No longer am I that American wearing frumpy clothes with my white Asics abroad.  I am super picky about shoe comfort when traveling.  That is why I have bought my second pair.  I even made a YouTube video about this comfortable shoe for travel.  I cannot wear Skechers because they’re not supportive enough.


If you’re going to Ireland or a rainy location, I do not recommend these shoes.  The airy, super light upper mesh will allow rain drops to pour in.  But if you will have moderate temps or are running through an airport, I love them!  AND THEY’RE UNDER $30!


No more swollen calves for me after a long haul flight!  These compression leggings really do work!  Plus they’re high waisted.  I’m wearing a size Medium.  I only wear these flip flops in the airport and at restaurants because they’re not super supportive.  As soon as I get on the airplane, I put on socks and slip on shoes.  You can see them in this video.

These capri gray ones are not compression so I wear them when sight seeing.

If you start with three things to wear on the airplane to Europe or on a transatlantic flight, you will be steps ahead in the packing process.   Let me know where you wear your tunic, shoes, and leggings!

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POPsocket and Fidget Spinner, Coconut Oil, and a Smart Strapless Dress Hack

I’m going to review Coconut Oil – I’m obsessed!  You will see an easy clothing hack for strapless dresses or see through dresses.  I will share my favorite eyeshadow accent Crystal Waters by Cover Girl.  You will love this new iPhone gadget – the PopSocket.  The pop socket is a 2017 accessory for iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 7 for kids and teens that gives your phone a grip.  Then the Fidget Spinner is trending and spinning.  Whether or not it helps with ADHD is yet to be sure.  They relieve stress.  And they’re fun to fidget with!  All of these make up my Favorites products for the month of May in 2017.

straplessdresshack I love this dress!  It’s the first strapless dress I’ve bought since my wedding gown 15 years ago haha.  But…it’s a tad see-through.  The brilliant gal at Anthropology suggested a mini skirt slip pulled to my chest.  I just so happen to have one.  Ta-da!  Self confident dress now.

Coconut Oil has been the rage for a while now, and I just last week tried it.

  1.  It isn’t oily, it goes on like lotion.
  2. It doesn’t smell like coconuts or the old afro-sheen from when I was growing up.
  3. I’ve heard you can put Coconut Oil in your hair to protect it from chlorine.

Watch the video above to see how smoothly it goes on.  It is hard to keep it solidified in my house though.  I feel like I need to keep it on my counter because it stays cooler there.

coconut oil review

For Mother’s Day, my preteen gave me a Popsocket.  Do I feel like the coolest mom now?!  popsocket iphone It gives you a grip while using your phone.  You can text one-handed more easily.  You can even stand it up to watch my LauriePOP videos!

This Cover Girl Crystal Waters blue toned eyeshadow palette is a replacement from the cheap, not-so-bright blue Ulta eyeshadow I’ve been using.  The funny thing is is that I used to use this palette almost ten years ago and recently found it.  They’re bright eye enhancers for the corners or my eyes and for smudging

right along my eyeliner.  In the video, you can see it more clearly.

The Fidget Spinner will most likely be the toy of 2017.  It’s awesome.  We love it because our child can actually afford it and wait for it and be invested in working for something.  NPR and Newsweek put out debates on the effectiveness for combatting ADHD but the jury is still out.  And by jury, I mean teachers and parents.  Could the fidget spinner be distracting to other students or teachers?  They are really cute and can even be built with Legos.

These favorites for May are truly favorites!  Thank you for POPping over to my LauriePOP Channel.  Here are some videos you may have missed:

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Best Nail Polishes for 2017 Events

These are the best fingernail polishes for every event in 2017.  You’ll see in my YouTube video the best neutral nail polish, the best red nail polish, the best pink fingernail polish, the best color to wear to the beach on your nails, and a perfect bonus color that looks good on every skin tone’s fingernails!

I just want to work for OPI and have so much fun creating names for each nail polish. Have you ever bought one of their fingernail polishes solely based on its name?  They’re creative!

I still want the Dulles line and the Texas line.  I’ve heard from a manicurist that the TX line flakes off very easily.  Why is there a difference?

Since we’re all beautiful in his sight, we have different skin tones and pigments.  Take some time to observe your skin colors under different lighting and with these thoughts:

Skin Tones:

  1. Do you look better in blues or reds?
  2. Are you an orange tan or an olive tan?
  3. Notice what shirts brighten your skin when you hold it up in front of a mirror.  (More on that here)
  4. Take the polish that doesn’t work to the store and hold it side by side before you pick out a new color.

Best Nail Colors That I Recommend for 2017:

The Best Neutral Nail Polish: Tickle My France-y

The Best Beach Nail Polish: Suzi’s Hungary Again

The Best Red Nail Polish: I’m Not Really a Waitress

The Best Pink Nail Polish: A-Rose at Dawn; Broke by Noon

The Best Dark Nail Polish: OPI Scores a Goal-sold out so I’m linking a similar color

The Best Nail Polish for any skin tone:  Grand Canyon-sold out so I’m linking a similar color

Look around at Christmas for the Mini Boxed Sets.  I only found this one.

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The Most Comfortable Shoes for Travel

These are the most comfortable shoes for travel as a woman!  I wear these Wild Diva shoes when I travel on an airplane alot.  When I travel, I usually travel with tennis shoes because they are the most comfortable shoes for me.  But then my travel outfits feel frumpy.  These comfortable Wild Diva shoes for travel help with the cuteness factor and still have cushion, comfort, and some support.  They are slip on, but they have laces that hide.  The shape is feminine and yet sporty. wilddivashoes

Now they are not my Asics.  If you saw me in Europe last year, I was the stereotypical American with white Asics on because comfort is key to me when traveling!  I am taking these Wild Diva shoes to Europe for our 2017 vacation in Italy.  You cannot tighten them with the laces.  The fit is true to size.  I have had these shoes for almost a year, and I don’t wear socks with them. I should probably start. comfortableshoestravel

When I want to wear a casual dress to sightsee, these shoes are my go to shoes.  I look feminine and cute while not feeling frumpy.  And my feet are fine!  I’m done with sandals after about an hour-especially on cobblestone roads or tiled museums.

Two Minute Video of How It Looks Walking:

They’re great for the airplane too. Women’s shoes take up so much space in a carryon suitcase so being able to wear these shoes for comfort and for cuteness while traveling is a double bonus.  My feet are supported a bit.  I cannot wear Skechers.  I do think these are the best shoes for traveling in Europe if that’s you this 2017 summer.


I hurt a toe last year, and the doctor told me to wear Asics with a letter followed by numbers for exercise.  Skechers give me absolutely no support.  Teva sandals with velcro are great for running errands, but not for my dresses while I’m traveling.  That’s my personal opinion of myself.  I feel too rugged in that style.  So just know that I am picky with my travel shoes. shoesairplane

I wear these shoes with shorts and with cute dresses.  I like them so much with leggings too.

They’re also a neutral color so they don’t have to be paired with black or white.



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Make Your House WheelChair Accessible

I’m showing you how to make your house wheelchair accessible or handicapped accessible. You may need to temporarily provide access for a wheelchair in your home. I am going to help you prepare your house for a wheelchair by giving you wheelchair hacks that worked for us.   I’m dividing your house into 4 stations. wheelchair

We took the doors off of the bathrooms…and by we I mean a friend named Jerry.  Our walker would not fit through the bathroom door, but the wheelchair did.

In the video above, I’ve divided your house into four stations for your wheelchair.  I promise the video will help you and your family member!

Wheelchair Needs:

Power strips at each station wheelchairaccessible

Cell phone


Remote control

Bank info



Trash can


Anti-bacterial sanitizer for when you come back from doc or errands

Purse and wallet and credit cards

Water bottle, Aluminum cups

Padded Computer College board for eating



String tied to fan or overhead light so can turn off fan if cold or on if hot

Clothes and one shoe for night – getting to the bathroom that’s easy to slip on her foot

We just kept rubber gloves and clorox spray to clean it out in the tub

Clothes Pin or Clip for connecting the phone charger wire up close because he may not be able to reach that far down to get the wire.  We clipped his to the lamp wire.


Phone Base


Clock Radio


Clothes and a tennis shoe on the bed, towel, brush

Basket for dirty clothes and one for clean clothes

Deep cereal bowls are good because they can tilt without spilling.  Shallow spill with the slightest of bumps

Tongs – to pick up items that fall and you cannot bend over far enough

Large pitcher if have to fill animal’s bowl with water or food or cut a gallon jug.  Trick: Use them upside down for food. 

What We Used:

I’m linking these items to help you and your family member.

Potty that has a bucket and is on a walker base – the base is super sturdy!

Walker Basket – Velcro

Lanyard – Note:  we used one that we had laying around the house

Lap Board

USB cord

Water Bottle

Aluminum Cup

Armrest Bag and Organizer


We have this Walker, but it’s more expensive. We tried our best to move the wheels to the inside, and they don’t budge.  Two men tried as well.  But these walkers are very sturdy for family members who get off balance easily.

Wire Basket for Your Walker

Power Strips 

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Liquids on a Plane – Tips on Packing Them

Toiletries for Travel in My Carry On

With so many TSA (Transportation Security Administration) guidelines for toiletries during airline travel, I thought my tips could help!

Love love love GoToob because it does not leak.  I use it for shampoo.  You don’t need as much shampoo as you might think.  I fill this in increments of the days I will wash my hair.  One teaspoon, another teaspoon…I don’t just squirt shampoo in all the way to the top because on an airplane this liquid needs some space for air. 

Toiletries Travel Liquids

You don’t have to only use bottles.  I love these new disc containers-so good for moisturizer (LOOK HOW BIG MY MOISTURIZER BOTTLE IS) for your face, vaseline for swim rash, jewelry, pills, but that’s not liquids.  Stay focused.  You can put your facial cleanser in here.  You only need a dab a day, right?

Once you’ve made your vacation toiletries packing list (you can watch this Packing video and get free printables here), you are ready for your liquids.

Carry On Liquids Toiletries

I use this On the Fly liquids bag, and I’ll link it below.  I like it because it’s sturdy and can get wet.  It’s like a soft, thick and clear plastic baggie.  Its zipper is THE reason I bought it, besides the Lipstick that looks like an Airplane?

I’ll show you the difference between what this can hold and what my normal quart sized bag can hold.

Toiletries Airplane

If you watched my other packing liquids video, I showed you that laying your bottles horizontally will help you fit more bottles in.

GIVEAWAY!  If you’d like a chance to win this cute travel perfume holder, leave me a comment on my YouTube Channel.  If you’re watching on your phone, you just scroll down all the way, and you can leave a comment.  In order for me to contact you, you have to have an email or something on your own YouTube “About” page.  You have until May 25 to enter.

How do you pack suntan lotion for airplane travel in Europe?  We’re going overseas, and we’re worried about buying suntan lotion over there.  Should we be worried?  Should we buy it in the airport once we get through security?  Just buy a bunch of little tubes?


On the Fly Liquids Bag

Stand and Fill Baggies

GoToob Containers

Disc Containers

Washi Tape

CC Cream, MakeUp Remover, Foundation:  from my Mary Kay Gal

Aquage Mousse – Travel Size

iT Cosmetics Super Hero Mini Mascara

CC+ Eye Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream Concealer SPF 50+

Systane Eyedrops-Preservative Free

Shape Tape Concealer

POP over again soon or visit some of these videos:




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